Coaching is still a relatively new profession, since we talk about it since the years 1995, even if this activity existed long before we attach to it the word coaching. And this is one reason why this new profession is not yet completely structured and that there are several approaches. By choosing a coaching school, you will also choose an approach with its specificities in terms of teaching styles, intervention models, exercise modes, certification, chinese tuition centre Singapore networks, etc. Training in coaching and the criteria to be taken into account when choosing a coaching school. Given the duration of coach training, it is often not one but several schools that you have to select. This article brings a map with some benchmarks to facilitate the choice of a coaching school, without pretending to bring the “right” card.

The training organization offering coaching training

The training organization that suits you is the one that is aligned with your expectations. What are you looking for? A degree or university title? A well-codified approach? Tools to enrich your interventions? Whatever the structure, the first factor in the success of coaching training chinese tuition centre Singapore  is the consistency of the means deployed for its success. Anything you can read or hear about the training organization can give you an idea of ​​the consistency of the system. When everything seems “aligned,” you have the impression that the various perceived information converges in the same direction.

Company values

Do you have information about the mission and values ​​of the training organization? The values ​​will tell you about the company culture, and probably the pedagogical style implemented during the coaching training. It is advisable to verify the coherence between the values ​​displayed by the training organization, their implementation (during the telephone reception, request for information, meetings of information, interviews, Internet site . etc.), And your own values.